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Negotiation Win Win & Sales strategy ODIR®




How we help our clients?
Negotiating is both a difficult and an interesting process.
Therefore success and frustration are both never far away.
To be successful in negotiations requires stress resistant, flexible
and persistent negotiators as a result. We need an excellent knowledge
of the services, products and furthermore the market situation.
However, this alone is not enough! What good does the best preparation,
the most proficient planning do if the negotiators behave improper during
the negotiation? Knowledge and structured thinking are important pre-requisites
for negotiations, but they alone will not ensure your success! Finally Win-Win is the solution.

The ODIR® training offers a sales method based on identifying the customers’ needs
through the development of conscious and unconscious needs.
Using each opportunity at the right time hence leading to higher results.
Above all it leads to the development of long-term relationships with the customers..

Welcome to the new dimension of the
“interpersonal circumplex”
e-stimate® profiles use a very visual, easy to use
and to understand color-system to differentiate between
behavioral tendencies. Every person has a unique
combination of the four colors (representing behavioral
tendencies) to a different extent. These in combination
with the eight facets map the behavior of a person with
great accuracy. Therefore e-stimate® presents the individuals
own behavioral style, likewise the behavior of the team, and as
a result specific needs of each individual.

The Person - The Team - The Project/Job
Job Profile

People analytics

Knowing the decision making process and understanding
the values that guide us, will help us better understand others,
understand their drivers. As a result it will support us when working
and communicating with colleagues or friends.

Training Schedule

WIN-WIN Negotiations
How to reach mutually satisfying agreements
(WIN-WIN concept) by Siegel® HR

Consultative selling - ODIR®
This training offers a sales strategy based on
identifying the customers’ requirements through the
development of unconscious and conscious needs.
Therefore delegates learn to use each opportunity at
the right time, thus achieving higher results and
developing more long term relationships with the customers.

Successful consulting – IDAR®
In today’s competitive environment the role of a technical
consultant (sales engineer) is changing more and more
towards a problem solver and solution provider.
This program helps technical consultants to become a more
proficient partner in communicating with customers. It enables
the consultant to uncover the real causes of difficulties.
The consultant picks up potential leads, thereby helping the
customer, the sales team and enhancing his/her own standing..

Accreditation as an e-stimate® consultant
Get the World's best personality tool

Leadership, Personality & Communication
Leading different personalities in difficult situations.
Adapting yourself to the needs of your goals might become a challenge.
How can you make sure you approach individuals based on their preferences?
Respecting the personal preferences, desires and motivations of team
members leads to higher success and long term results. Consequently
in this programme, we explore leadership based on the personality and
preferences of the team members and learn how to recognise them.

Success Telesales
The programme is based on the applicability of the sales methods and techniques in your daily job by identifying customer needs using the ODIR® strategy. This training was specifically developed upon the request of a telesales customer and caters to the needs of telesales people in IT, banking, insurance and financial services. The programme has a hands-on approach with examples of real sales situations, thus guaranteeing higher results in only a few weeks.