About us

About us and How we help our clients?

At e-northamericaTM we help our clients by creating a common language within
the customer`s organization, enabling the individual to understand, among other aspects,
their own personality, how they like to behave and communicate, and where the motivation factors lie.

The Swiss-made training and Scandinavian assessments help provide the foundation in
quality and precision that is required to reach the goals of our customers.

From here we help create synergy within teams, increase the team productivity with
tailored training and coaching plans for parts of or the entire organization.

The individual assessments represent the founda6on of our Leadership coaching sessions,
where we align the business goals and the organizational development to reach the targets set,
creating a working environment where all can feel involved and empowered.

Your Success

PERSONALITY Based Training
-> helps people to understand themselves & the other people
-> Companies can be accredited & do their own assessments
-> Team-building
-> Leadership, Employee development
-> Negotiation, Sales training and customer support

e-northamericaTM helps companies to succeed

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