Diploma Leadership Training

This training is addressed to companies, public agencies, health and medical facilities wanting to train a group of new managers to comply with their own internal operational conditions. The curriculum consists of four course modules.

Duration:       16 days over a period of 6-18 months

Participants:   max.  12

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Who should attend?

Employees with professional experience as well as specialists designated towards further qualification.

Course objetives:

  • Efficient education with direct transfer into the organisation
  • Custom tailoring of the training to organisational needs
  • Alignment of complete management groups to the organisation’s goals

Course Contents:

Leadership course (2 days)

  • Leadership role: Expectation, view, reality and transfer
  • Leadership principles: Assignment and ethics, objective, priorities
  • Leadership function: Task, responsibility, control
  • Leadership styles: Situational, cooperative, ability to lead
  • Leadership tools: Bulletin board, order sheet, verbal communication, delegation, qualification

Team Management course (3 days)

  • Team work: Delimitation and collaboration, coaching, job satisfaction
  • Team meetings: Goals, types, execution, post-processing
  • Conflict management: Reasons for conflict, types, resolution

Motivation course (3 days)

  • Stress: Positive stress, requirements, excessive demands
  • Self motivation: Sources of motivation, visions, objectives and goals
  • Team motivation: Motivation and sustainment
  • Communication: Forms and techniques, models

Intercultural Competence course (2 days)

  • Globalisation and company activities abroad
  • Interpersonal level with cultural diversity
  • Misunderstandings and unforeseen obstacles and how we react upon these
  • Interactive workshops

Preparation for the Diploma Thesis and Exam (6 days)

  • Written preparation: Diploma theses basics, forms
  • Oral preparation: Presentations, techniques, supporting media

Final diploma exam


Course Methodology

You define the trainees and the level of the management training, e.g. junior management staff education or management further education. You also define the time frame between 6 and 18 or 24 months. We prepare the program for you and train your staff.


This course requires of the participants a high willingness to participate and actively work on their own personality.

The training contents can be developed and implemented for your company’s or organisation’s specific need. Individual and group coaching activities can accompany the training.

Our experienced trainers and consultants will happily support you with an appropriate analysis of the qualification needs in your organisation.