Dr. Mary Lippitt

Dr. Mary Lippitt 

Leadership Expert, Columnist &
Featured Contributor at BIZCATALYST360.com, Author of award-winning book
Email: info@e-northamerica.com
Phone number:  850 739 3361

Dr. Mary Lippitt is an internationally recognized leader in strategic thinking, executing change and results focused leadership. Her award winning book, Brilliant or Blunder: 6 Ways Leaders Navigate Uncertainty, Opportunity and Complexityprovides a toolkit for making smarter decisions for sustainable results. 

Mary founded Enterprise Management Limited 30 years ago with a clear purpose of providing leaders with practical and effective solutions to meet the business challenges confronting leaders today’s.  She developed the award winning Leadership Spectrum Profile® to enhance business acumen and boost outcomes.  It was awarded one of the Top Ten Training Products by Human Resource Management Magazine.


Currently, she teaches in the MBA program at the University of South Florida.