e-team Profile

e-team - sample profile

Team profile

Use the e-team profile for:

- Develop teams, e.g. for putting together a project team or merging departments.
- Improve teamwork and conflict resolution including performance improvement in a team.
- Improving the performance in a team
- Determining personal competencies in a team
- Strengthening communication and cooperation in a team
- Putting together a new projectgroup & Kick off in projectgroup

The e-team profile uncovers the strengths of the team, detailing personal behavioural for individual members as well as for the overall team.
It can be deployed in order to obtain stronger cooperation and communication, for establishing new teams, project groups etc. and for developing teamwork in existing teams.

The profile provides a description of the entire team in 21 pages, providing a description also for each member.
It also provides a very deep understanding of the team dynamics, how each member acts in relation to the other.

The Team profile is based on approved psychological theories on human behaviour and what motivates us – individually as well as in a team. The theoretical foundation is the same as the e-interpersonal profile as well as Adizes’ theories on efficient teams and team roles.

Focus on strengths in the team

Reports are presented in a way that makes them easy to understand and to remember. Graphics make it easy to view individual results and simple to compare results, making clear which strengths and weaknesses are present in a team. Basic team roles are elaborated onto detailed and nuanced profiles.

A team profile you can remember

A team profile is most useful when you are able to remember your own profile – and especially when you remember your colleagues’ profiles. That is why the Team profile focusses on being easy to understand, easy to remember and easy to use. The colour symbolism sticks better in people’s minds than names, codes, letter combinations and descriptions, and therefore the Team profile makes use of this.

Supplementary materials

The use of colours and the team wheel makes the profile easy to use in practice. Moreover, the Team profile is supported by a number of teaching materials: Team wheel, feedback cards – more than 200 behavioural cards, posters and slides, and with us you only pay for your actual usage. There are no fixed charges, making it easy to control your expenses.