Feliciano Enriquez

Feliciano Enriquez

Position: Spanish Trainer

E-mail: info@e-northamerica.com

Phone number:  850 739 3361

Professional Experience 

Fifteen years as Independent Consultant, for big and medium sized international firms, in the Human Resources, Project Management (Courses for Project Management, Potential Analysis, and In-Job human relations improvement), and implementation of Integrated Management Systems areas. The main business areas covered were Finance, Logistics & Distribution, Manufacturing, and Information Technologies.

Eight (8) years as I.T. Manager and Program Senior Manager, in several multinational and national firms, reporting to the Group Financial Managers, and General Managers. I was responsible for the design and implementation of I.T Strategic Planning, resulting in the implementation of state-of-the-art IT Systems giving service to more than 400 users, in several sites in Spain and abroad.

Seven years as Systems Engineer and Senior Project ManagerReporting to the Quality Assurance Manager, I participated in the design, development and implementation of Software Quality Assurance Systems both for the Company itself, and for several of its customers. I set up a team of highly qualified professionals, specialized in the development and implementation of Software Quality Assurance Systems, in several environments (I.B.M., HP). I was also responsible for the preparation of Projects and Proposals for the European Commission, within the Technical programs ESPRIT, AIM, DELTA, and EUREKA.

Three years as Systems Analyst and Project Manager in the Spanish National Aircraft industry (C.A.S.A.) in the sales support area.

Five years as junior Project Manager for a Spanish firm in the auxiliary car industry, revising internal procedures and setting the standards for further IT systems implementation in the Accounting and Production Control areas.


Feliciano Enríquez is an independent consultant and trainer in the field of Project Management, Potential Analysis, and in-job human relations improvement. Thanks to his high level diplomas in English (Proficiency in English diploma by the University of Cambridge and Higher Level Commerce & Industry English by the London Chamber of Commerce) and his international experience in the U.S.A and with the European Commission he is capable of training in either Spanish or English. Feliciano has been exposed to IT from early on. He was a Senior Project Manager within the Technical programs ESPRIT, AIM, DELTA, and EUREKA, and then worked for many years as a Senior Systems Engineer and as IT-Manager for a blue-chip company. These positions have also given him an extensive knowledge in Business Management. His formal university degrees include Systems Engineering (University of Madrid) and Business Management (I.C.A.D.E.)

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