3 Steps to Military Centric Leadership

Developing leaders cannot be replaced by technology alone if we do not develop leaders we cannot build quality team’s in this program we teach you the fundamentals of a leader who is competent, committed and leaders of character. This course will assist you in developing your ends ways and means in ensuring your organization understand the importance of Leadership development.

Duration: 2 Days, 8 hrs / This program is valid for 14 PDCs for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM.

Participants: 24 – 36, Small Groups 6-8

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Who should attend?
Entry and Mid Level Managers, Those who want to improve their leadership Skill and Abilities.

Educate the Manager on the Leadership specific leadership ASSESSMENT process.

Given 8 hours, a classroom, leadership development tools, a finite number of PowerPoint slides, motivated manager, and plenty of coffee.

All manager’s understand the assessment process and are able to make a thorough ASSESSMENT of Themselves and Employees so that he / she develops and grows his or her team.

Train the company cadre as the leader development team.

Given 8 hours, a classroom, outdoor areas, and motivated managers.

Company managers understand their roles as coaches and mentors in the leadership development program refining their leadership potential, making them more agile and adaptive decision makers, and providing experiential learning opportunities.

Course Contents:

Day 1

- Introduction
- Leader Situation Training Exercises 1-6
- Tools and Cards
- Short Leader Video Assessment and Discussion
- Utilizing Tools

Day 2

- After Action Review
- Leader Situation Training Exercises 7-14
- Counseling and Practical
- Facilitation Techniques
- Vignette overview
- Small Group and Discussion
- Conclusion

Course Methodology

Combine Classroom, Small Group Situational Exercises, One on One, Video Assessment and Discussions