Crosscultural Competence

Do you know what costs your company more money than anything else?

...... misunderstandings!

Communication is the grease in the gears of daily international business life, and anyone who isn‘t familiar with the behavior, values and traditions of other countries will likely do more harm than good when it comes to international collaborations.

Intercultural training and coaching for more than 120 countries

Our on-site training and coaching sessions harness a global network of more than 250 selected coaches and country experts, covering over 120 countries in total.

Do you need a specific type of consulting or training for a highly specialized topic?
Just let us know and we‘ll put together a custom program for you, regardless of which part of the world you are currently in.

Effective preparation through intercultural WBTs

Basic intercultural training and specifics on the culture, values and traditions of a given country, dos and don‘ts – in short:

our eLearning courses allow you or your employees to sign up for precisely the course you need.

In roughly 90 exciting minutes you‘ll work with films, texts, comprehension questions and test units to internalize everything you need for successful communication in the country of your choice.

Videos, expert articles, expert hotline and more

A great number of videos, articles and microlearning elements give effective and immediate advice on your intercultural business situations. And if you have a question: just use the internet hotline — you will receive the answer you need within 24 hours!