Strategic Integrated Quality Planning – SIQP

Strategic Integrated Quality Planning (SIQP) is a specific implementation of the Total Quality Management (TQM) process consisting of Plan - Do - Check - Act.

Duration: 1 Day / This program is valid for 7 PDCs for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM.

When an organization (both for profit and non-profit or governmental) looks at its market opportunities,
there are 2 basic approaches:

- Ready - Fire - Aim (Throw products/services at the wall and see what sticks.)
- Ready - Aim - Fire - Measure results - Aim again - Fire

All departments in the organization have a defined role to play.
Cross-functional processes are part of the core strategy.

Quality: The process is controlled by metrics, under the philosophy that "what gets measured gets done."
A "Balanced Scorecard" is used to balance metrics for customers, employees and owners/investors.

Our training is based on customizing the SIQP model for your organization, with your Vision and Mission key drivers of focus for the process.