Johannes Klemeyer

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Johannes Klemeyer

Position: Intercultural consultant


Professional Experience
Intercultural and cross-cultural competence development, development of crosscultural marketing strategies, international business development, e-learning-strategies, content development (e-learning, video-learning), development of a cross-cultural portal with approx. 400 intercultural videos and articles, microlearning, interactive coaching modules, expert hotline and more,

Sandler Sales Training
Accreditation in e-stimate® products, 2016

Education Eastern Slavic languages and literature, American Literature
Certified education as journalist and newspaper-editor


CEO and co-owner of crossculture academy/change.project gmbh in Stuttgart: intercultural consultancy – training, e-learning-courses (web based training), video-learning, app-development and blended learning for more than 120 countries.
Training delivered worldwide: expatriate training, inpatriate training, repatriate training, training for crosspatriates, teambuilding, executive briefings, sales- and negotiation training, trade show training, intercultural certification, intercultural coaching and more.

e-northamerica will offer these trainings in the US both live and via e-learning.

Training languages