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  • BEKB – Berner Kantonalbank AG

    “One of the main reasons for choosing Siegel Human Resources Ltd. was that the concept of internal co-trainers gives us a direct contact with the delegates and an insight on how our people are being trained, all this right from the beginning. We can motivate our own people together with the external trainers during the training session and have a clear view of their abilities and where to focus …” Maximilian G. Haselbach, Head of Training, BEKB
  • Bank Vontobel

    “There were not many courses I have attended which brought that much of use and help for my actual daily work. The pattern and tools are deep in my mind and I am thankful that I followed this seminar some months ago.” Lucas Bolfing Head Institutional Clients Bank Vontobel
  • Why did I book a Negotiation Skills training by Siegel Human Resource?   I have to admit I was always insecure when I needed to conduct negotiations, did not know what my targets are, can I ask for more there, do I give more than needed there, I was always insecure. Than I participated at a Siegel HR Negotiation Skills training of 3 days, and I have to simply say IT WORKS! This means when I prepare according to this negotiation planner, you go into a negotiation and and are very target oriented , all goals you have set will be met. Interestingly the other party has also the feeling that: ”this was a good negotiation, I have also won something, etc etc...” The nice part is that always after it worked for me, I go out of the building, out of the negotiation take my mobile and I call Ronald Meier saying: “look it worked again!!!”  

Ronald Meier

CEO and Founder

I am a company manager and I believe that work will be more and more project based in the future.
Consequently, a permanent training and flexibility with a healthy degree of humanity and responsibility for personal success and satisfaction is always important.
My focus therefore is:
I was and I still am a Banker - Consultant - Product Manager - Coach - Manager - Deputy Vice President - Business owner – Member of the Board and in private life husband, father and grandfather.

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