WIN-WIN Negotiations – In class

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September 26, 2016
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WIN-WIN Negotiations – In class

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I participated at a Siegel HR Negotiation Skills training of 3 days, and I have to simply say IT WORKS!

This means when I prepare according to this negotiation planner, you go into a negotiation and and are very target oriented , all goals you have set will be met.

Interestingly the other party has also the feeling that: ”this was a good negotiation, I have also won something, etc etc…”

The nice part is that always after it worked for me, I go out of the building, out of the negotiation take my mobile and I call Ronald Meier saying: “look it worked again!!!”

Beat Wittwer

Owner at Wagner Visuell

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In this programme delegates will discover and learn about:

how to reach mutually satisfying agreements (WIN-WIN concept) by

  • disengaging the people from the problem,
  • focusing on interests, not positions and
  • working together to find creative and fair options.

To achieve the above goals, preparation, planning and structured thinking are important pre-requisites, but they alone will not ensure your success!

Duration: 2 – 3 Days

Participants: 6 – 12

Contact us for more information

Who should attend?

Professional negotiators, top managers, sales managers, account managers, purchasing managers, supply chain and procurement representatives.

Course objectives

During training, alongside the WIN-WIN concept, both the communicative behaviour of the negotiators and the reaction from the partners are observed and recorded.

The outcome is compared with the Siegel Communication Analysis Model CA®. The results give a clear indicator for areas of improvement and form part of the personalised feedback sessions.

Course contents:


  • Setting objectives and fallbacks (yours and theirs)
  • Define negotiable issues, priorities and limits; define the mandate
  • Determine the cost of concessions


  • Evaluation of own strengths and weaknesses as well as the balance of power
  • Planning for options and how to bargain and persuade
  • Long term success versus short term success

Conducting negotiations

  • CA®-model for your communicative success
  • Persuasion, power, bargaining
  • Overcoming difficult situations (deadlocks) in negotiations

Successful outcomes

Course methodology

Combines and connects theoretical input with intensive practical exercises and role training, supported by audio recordings for analysis.

This training is available in the SHRM Certification platform and ads 14 PDC’s to Your account.

Reviews (43426)

43426 reviews for WIN-WIN Negotiations – In class

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