Success Mindsets: 6 Ways to Deliver Brilliant Results

The Success Mindsets: 6 Ways to Deliver Brilliant Results program offers clear insights, frameworks, and tools for advanced strategic and creative thinking. The concepts learned enable participants to identify opportunities, anticipate change and foresee potential pitfalls that might derail success. It provides practical tools including a Success Mindsets Checklist for ensuring that the right call is made at the right time for the right results.

The program examines how to identify opportunities, boost team work and improve the bottom-line using the Leadership Spectrum Profile® framework. Confronting dynamic change and systems requires advanced thinking skills. Today, we must discard existing blinders, escape tunnel vision, discover ways to resolve unproductive conflict, thwart group think and align efforts to achieve goals. This program delivers impactful outcomes that are immediately applied to improve performance and engagement.

Duration:         1 Day / This program is valid for 7 PDCs for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM.

Who should attend?

Leaders, managers, executives, HR and OD professionals and coaches

Course objectives:

  • Recognize current personal driving Success Mindsets and potential blind spots
  • See around corners to boost critical and systems thinking
  • Analyze complex challenges to seize opportunities and evade pitfalls
  • Recognize patterns and trends to future-proof decisions
  • Advance situational awareness to manage conflict, increase alignment and expand engagement
  • Identity common roadblocks to sound decision making

Course contents:

Pre-work: Complete the Leadership Spectrum Profile®


Success Mindsets using the Leadership Spectrum Profile®
Success Mindset Predictor
Mental Roadblock Avoidance
Mastering Situational Awareness
Success Mindset Checklist


Winning Influence and Support
Influencing Laterally and Up the Chain of Command
Disagreement and Conflict Management
Steps in Results Focused Conflict Management
Applying the Success Mindset Checklist

Costs: $750.00 Price per person for 1 days includes the Leadership Spectrum Profile®