Testimonial – Wagner Visuell

Testimonial – BEKB – Berner Kantonalbank AG
July 31, 2015

Testimonial – Wagner Visuell

Why did I book a Negotiation Skills training by Siegel Human Resource?


I have to admit I was always insecure when I needed to conduct negotiations, did not know what my targets are, can I ask for more there, do I give more than needed there, I was always insecure.

Than I participated at a Siegel HR Negotiation Skills training of 3 days, and I have to simply say IT WORKS!

This means when I prepare according to this negotiation planner, you go into a negotiation and and are very target oriented , all goals you have set will be met.

Interestingly the other party has also the feeling that: ”this was a good negotiation, I have also won something, etc etc…”

The nice part is that always after it worked for me, I go out of the building, out of the negotiation take my mobile and I call Ronald Meier saying: “look it worked again!!!”