Trade Show Selling Success

Trade Show Selling Success

Bring Us Your Best and We'll Make Them Even Better.

Join us r a powerful, 4-hour, in-person Trade Show Selling SuccessTM Seminar just hours before your next event. It could make the difference between a good event and an exceptionally successful experience.


Your organization has a huge investment in your trade show: booth space, booth, furniture and fixtures, literature, giveaways, AV equipment as well as travel-hotel-entertainment expenses for your staff. That's just a partial list.

• How can you ensure that you will get an ROI from this investment?
• Will you get leads that will become signi cant revenue-generating deals?
• Is your booth staff going to be recognized for its knowledge and professionalism?
• Are you going to threaten the competition because of your well-executed performance?

Your trade show success results from the work of dozens or even hundreds of people. But your booth staff are the last mile in the success of this event.

• Are they prepared?
• Do they know what to say and whom to say it to?
• Do they understand booth etiquette?
• Do they know they are selling themselves and the company as much as the product or service you offer?

Trade Show Selling Success Seminar is a four-hour sales training class specically designed for trade shows. It ensures your booth staff will successfully engage with your prospects and customers. Held the day before the show, it provides top-of-mind tips and just-in-time guidance to make sure you get the most success from your event. It will help you achieve the goals you established when you decided to attend the event.

The Trade Show Selling Success Seminar is based on the highly acclaimed Track Selling SystemTM. It's a high-impact, tightly focused training experience for booth staff from all departments including sales, marketing, administrative, and support. The skills you learn will be applied at once to make sure the highest likelihood of meeting your trade show objectives. The seminar combines workbook instruction with role-playing as well as real-time feedback and reinforcement. It uses proven adult learning techniques to offer practical, immediately usable phrases, techniques, and disciplines to guarantee the highest performance for your team.

Why should you a end Trade Show Selling Success Seminar?

• Learn a proven, structured sales process based on the science and psychology of selling
• Adopt a proven approach aligned with your trade show objectives
• Understand how to have deep, meaningful, and memorable conversations with prospects and customers
• lmprove your company reputation and branding using best practices for trade show etiquette

Your company will:

• Gain a stronger foundation for post-show follow-up
• Allow booth leaders to focus on managing a trade show process, not diverse personalities
• lmprove your pipeline and develop stronger market interest in your products and services
• lncrease the ROI for your trade show investment

Seminar Agenda

• Understand the psychology of why we teach and what we teach for trade show booth success
• lntroduce the science of selling in a booth setting
• Adapt the science and psychology of selling to participants' products and services
• ldentify best-practice booth engagement techniques

• Stress the importance of physical appearance and booth etiquette
• Teach how to begin the booth connection and understanding the importance of the first few seconds
• Discern between tire-kicking suspects and bona- de prospects: dismiss one and engage the other
• Show how to use marketing materials and visual aids: how, when and why
• Discuss how to get the right Act of Commitment from booth visitors
• Explore how and why prospects commit (or don't) to mutual llow-up
• Understand how knowledge, skill and attitude determine booth personnel success
• Share how to use rewards for post-show success
• Extract the most important idea learned in the workshop

Throughout the workshop, the basic steps in the learning process are utilized. First, the participants learn facts, principles, techniques and skills. Next, they relate what they have learned to the real world, so that it makes sense to them. Seminar attendees will understand how to use these new booth skills and techniques in selling their products/services. Finally, participants practice what they have learned through role-playing and "Track" exercises.

This course will ensure your team is ready to walk onto the show oor the next day, con dent and prepared to successfully represent your company.

The Trade Show Selling Success Seminars for Tampa Convention Center will take place at the ECC, 2101 E Palm Ave. , Tampa, FL 33605