WIN – WIN Negotiations

In this program participants will discover and learn about:

how to reach mutually satisfying agreements (WIN-WIN concept) by
  • disengaging the people from the problem,
  • focusing on interests, not positions and
  • working together to find creative and fair options.

To achieve the above goals, preparation, planning and structured thinking are important pre-requisites, but they alone will not ensure your success!

Duration:         2 Days / This program is valid for 14 PDCs for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM.

Participants:  6 –  12

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Who should attend?

Professional negotiators, top managers, sales managers, account managers, purchasing managers, supply chain and procurement representatives.

Course objectives

During training, alongside the WIN-WIN concept, both the communicative behaviour of the negotiators and the reaction from the partners are observed and recorded.

The outcome is compared with the Siegel Communication Analysis Model CA®. The results give a clear indicator for areas of improvement and form part of the personalised feedback sessions.

Course contents:

  • Setting objectives and fallbacks (yours and theirs)
  • Define negotiable issues, priorities and limits; define the mandate
  • Determine the cost of concessions

  • Evaluation of own strengths and weaknesses as well as the balance of power
  • Planning for options and how to bargain and persuade
  • Long term success versus short term success

Conducting negotiations
  • CA®-model for your communicative success
  • Persuasion, power, bargaining
  • Overcoming difficult situations (deadlocks) in negotiations
Successful outcomes

Course methodology

Combines and connects theoretical input with intensive practical exercises and role training, supported by audio recordings for analysis.